Date Packages

The Social Girlfriend Experience

“Making Memories of Us”

PackageTime Length Rate
An Afternoon/Evening to Remember
“The Perfect Date”
6 Hours2,450
Romantic Dinner Date Night
“An Intimate Dining Experience”
4 Hours1,750
Brunch or Lunch3 Hours1,450
Client Introductory Favorite!
2.5 Hours1,300
All Packages Include “Do Not Disturb” Private Time Together

The Classic Girlfriend Experience

“Do Not Disturb”


Clients from Fall 2020-January 2021 receive their last rate, as a courtesy, for supporting me during the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

All rates are the same, whether incall or outcall, to simplify and have no hidden hosting or travel costs. If you wish to extend our date, once we are already mid-date, it is at my discretion, and you may add $600 for each additional hour.

Incall dates over 1 hour in length include provided beverages and/or refreshments, depending on the length of the date.

Dates 3-6 hours in length are structured in such a way, as for us to enjoy social time together, in public, in addition to plenty of private time together. Whether Brunch, Lunch, Shows/Activities, or a Romantic Fine Dining Dinner Date. If you would prefer dates 3-6 hours in length to transpire fully in private, please kindly add $300 so that I can cater a proper meal for us to share.

PackageTime LengthRate
Take Our Sweet Time2 Hours1,250
Recommended Minimum90 Minutes900
Short and Sweet1 Hour600
Time LengthRate
2.5 Hours 1,300
3 Hours 1,450
4 Hours 1,750
6 Hours 2,450
Day Rate 4,250

The Overnight Girlfriend Experience

“Kiss Me Goodnight . . . and Good Morning!”

PackageTime LengthRate
“The Sweet 16”16 Hours5,450
“The Classic Overnight”
12 Hours4,250

The Leisure Girlfriend Experience

“An Affair to Remember”

PackageTime LengthRate
“The Weekender”48 Hours15,850
“Mini Vacation”
36 Hours10,650
“Vegas Style”
24 Hours8,450