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I entertain Gentlemen ages 34-65, as I have discovered that I have the best compatibility with these Gentlemen, and the goal is a beautiful date for the both of us.
All Welcome!
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If I am hosting, I try to provide your preferred beverage. 🙂
The DC, Southern Maryland, and Northern VA area is very 420 friendly, as is a growing part of the USA. I am considerate of this.
Please include any food allergies if applicable. I sometimes provide light snacks and refreshments, depending on the date length you choose.
NAME/WEBSITE/EMAIL/TEXT # (Contact them first please, before using them as a reference!)
NAME/WEBSITE/EMAIL/TEXT # (Contact them first please, before using them as a reference!)
1) If meeting for an outcall, please place my rate in your room's restroom, before my arrival. No further mention, necessary. If we meet in public, please pass it to me discreetly in a card, after our first pleasantries have been exchanged. If meeting for an incall, please place gift on nearby furniture, before dismissing yourself to shower in my restroom. No mention, please! 2) If I am meeting you for an outcall, please shower (Head to toe, arm pits, groin area, front and back), apply deoderant, brush teeth, and use mouth wash, within 30 minutes of my arrival. If meeting me for an Incall, please kindly shower and use my provided mouth wash, upon your arrival. 3) I require a $50-$100 deposit for local dates (or, ask me) and the applicable % (listed elsewhere) for TRAVEL TO YOU, FMTY, SPONSOR A TOUR, TOURS, and OVERNIGHTS. 4) CANCELLATION POLICY: I will require 50% of total date package booked, if you cancel within 1 week of our date. 100% of total date package, if cancelled within 48 hours. You will have the option to re-book within the following 2 weeks, for equal or longer date package, and have your deposit applied to that new date cost, assuming my calendar is open/available during the following 2 weeks. IF I HAVE TO CANCEL, I WILL REFUND 100% OF DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS IMMEDIATELY, AND NO LATER THAN 7 BUSINESS DAYS.


240-903-1827 (text only and preferred to email)