Nationwide by Request or Fly Me to You

How do you do, Mr. Gentleman? (smiles)

You may call me Miss Meredith. And, I am at your pleasure.

I’m a spunky girl, with a big heart, and bubbly soul. I just turned 33 (January 2021), and integrity, honesty, and ethics are the cornerstone of my “brand,” and inform everything I do – if you are lucky, that will include you!

I offer an exclusive and inclusive experience for the refined Gentleman of means and leisure, typically ages 34-65, who has sensible tastes, refined manners, impeccable hygiene, wisdom, an easy going sense of humor, and is pleasantly tempered.

I pay extreme attention to detail, from the 4-5 star locations I host at, to the atmosphere and refreshments I provide. If you are just looking to “get your rocks off,” I am not the Courtesan for you. I cater to the Gentleman that seeks and enjoys a mind-body-spirit connection, during our time together. Life is entirely too unpredictable, to live with regrets. My philosophy is to enjoy each day (and night) to the uttermost!

I have been called a philosophical genius, by a long time friend, witty by others, and lots of fun by most of my bosom friends. Many have said that I’m before my time, whatever that’s supposed to mean. If anything, I often feel after my time, as I am fascinated by by-gone eras.

I’m self taught in every area of life, and have an insatiable curiosity for things that I have yet to encounter or experience.

Practically speaking, post high-school, I did attend a small private college, where I studied pastoral ministry, communication, and writing.

I’m real and unpretentious. Every word on this site is written by me, and I designed this site myself.

Don’t let my charm and sweet nature fool you, however.

My diverse life experiences have prepared me exceptionally well to “read people” from all walks of life with a unique, and informed intuition.

From living as an expat in indigenous Mexico as a child, to organic gardening in Texas . . . from my fully Cajun (French/Spanish) ethnic heritage having been born in SW Lousiana . . . to managing the home of an extremely wealthy and successful couple in Loudoun County, Virginia —

I have seen, experienced, and interacted with an eclectic set of situations and people.

And then, there was the phase where I became a waitress and worked my way up to bartender, because I wanted to prove to myself that I could. (Also, it paid a few bills.)

Every woman should bartend. It’s like a Master’s in human behavior. But, the PhD in human behavior has come from my time as a full-time Gentleman’s Companion.

As an Escort, I have entertained within the DC, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia area (locally referred to as the “DMV”) the top executives in the nation.

And that’s not pretense.

I am real.

From my head to my heart; from my tits to my ass – there are no implants, botox, fillers, or liposuction.

My body is all-natural.

I have no tattoos.

Yes, I do shave my armpits and keep myself bare below the waist. (You know you were curious!)

If you would like to be stimulated from head to toe, with a young woman who can hold her own in any conversation, be gracious in any environment, and has street smarts and charm in spades, I’m your new modern mistress, intimate confidante, and play-partner.

I love being a woman.

Absolutely love it, and embrace my womanhood and feminine essence as a sacred position, calling, and wisdom.

I delight in the finer things of life.

Fine Dining, elegant white or rose gold jewelry (and diamonds are a girl’s best friend!) perfumes (I adore French/Italian and iconic perfumes and collect them), exceptional wines or spirits, and romantic hotels, resorts, and inns.

I am inspired by the Interwar and Post World War II era actresses and housewives, and find Colonial or Victorian architecture and aesthetics to be enchanting. Mood lighting makes me want to kiss you.

What do you like? Besides soon-to-be liking me, of course. 😉

I am 5’6 tall barefoot, have the smoothest milky skin and long legs, am a natural brunette (with blonde that is growing out for good), and possess the most soulful brown eyes that will make your heart beat an extra beat from my first coy smile your way.

I am naturally curvy and busty, with a Rubenesque and Pin-Up Girl figure.

I wear tasteful and feminine clothing, and enjoy prancing towards you in a nice pair of heels. But, dressing for the occasion is always key!

I am a no-nonsense young woman.

If you are attracted to me, you are a man of great sense, and we will have instant chemistry!

Make yourself at home here.

Peruse my menu and sub-menus for the answers to any lingering or practical questions you may have.

I have designed my menu with you at the forefront of my mind.

From there, book your ideal date package, so that we can be off to the races.

A customized, “sexy-as-hell” sensual affair.

Just YOU, ME – and PLEASURE.

All My Love,