240.903.1827 (text only) meredithgreydc@gmail.com

Meredith Grey is one of Washington DC’s Top Rated Independent Escorts and Curvy All-Natural Models. She enjoys entertaining and modeling for VIP respectful Gentlemen who love all natural, lusciously curvy women and are confident and know what they like. Meredith is charming, well-spoken, intelligent, and has a bubbly personality. She effortlessly blends into any social environment.

In an uncertain world, Meredith’s commitment to INTEGRITY, DISCRETION, AND KINDNESS is a sure thing.

Meredith is polite and discreet in public and is a Top Washington DC Dinner Date and Gentleman’s Companion!

Are you visiting DC for a quick business trip or for the annual business meeting or conference? Meredith Grey specializes in Upscale Hotel Outcall Escort GFE Services. She is available nightly, 3pm-1am.

Meredith also caters to Gentlemen local to the Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland areas, commonly referred to locally, as the “DMV” area. She greatly appreciates the warmth and familiarity of regular sensual trysts, where a true Mind-Body-Spirit connection can thrive, and offers an elevated upscale hosting experience. Meredith regularly hosts, mostly by advance request (1-2 days or more), in D.C., Arlington, Alexandria, and Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Her preferred hours, based on hotel check in/check out times, are 3pm-10:30pm, 7 days a week.

Meredith has been based in Northern Virginia, on the outskirts of Washington D.C. since 2013/2014, when she moved to Virginia to be a live-in Nanny to a highly successful Northern Virginia couple. Since, after forays into waitressing and bartending adventures, Meredith decided to focus on the erotic experience full time, and has worked hard to establish herself as a local reputable Provider of integrity.



240 903 1827 (Text only. Quickest method of contact.)


Hours/General Schedule:

Daily, Monday-Sunday. Including all Major Holidays.

Outcall: 3pm-1am.

2.5 hours notice to allow me time to prepare for our date, appreciated. Keep in mind that I live 45 minutes away from most area hotels, unless I am already nearby.

Incall: 3pm-11pm by advance appointment only, unless I have specifically announced that I am at a hotel and hosting.

1-2 days advance notice appreciated and usually necessary!

See Rates for incall rates, as they differ from my outcall rates.


I screen and verify all new friends, for your safety and mine. This is non negotiable.

My Amazing Clients:

My amazing clients are from all different ethnicities/backgrounds, ages 34-60. They all treat me with kindness, respect, have excellent standards, are easy going, and smell wonderful – excellent hygiene goes a long way with me. My clients respect my western sensibilities, and practice basic human kindness and respect, along with being very generous. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the TOP MEN IN CORPORATE AMERICA.

Booking/Cancellation Policy:

I will consider our date booked once you have given me a firm date, day, length of date, and meet location plan. At that point, I will write you into my calendar.  If you are non committal on the details, I will assume you are “two-timing” me and a time waster, and I will not take your request seriously.

I will always be my client’s FIRST CHOICE!

I reserve the right to ask you for a small deposit towards the total date amount if you are reserving a long date, booking far in advance, or otherwise booking a date that takes much effort on my end.

I also sometimes need to ask for a partial deposit when hosting, as I have to pay the upscale hotel fee in advance at the time of reservation, and then also the hotels always place a hold on my card upon check in. I ask on a case by case basis.

IF you cancel a booked date within 1-14 days of our booked date, there will be a cancellation fee of no less than $50. This is to ensure a) you are serious when booking b) respect my time. It takes me time to text or email with you and verify you, etc.

IF you reschedule a calendar date time within 7 days of the originally booked date, the cancellation fee will be applied to the total package cost of your new date. You must book a package of the original length or longer to receive this courtesy.

Provider Reference Policy:

If you need a reference from ME: 

a) You must contact me first to ask permission to use me as a reference/verify that I feel comfortable being your reference.

b) You must contact me using the same information/mode of contact that you originally used to book me, so that I remember who you are.

c) You must clearly state who will be contacting me and share their website/social media/contact info with me so that I can quickly recognize who they are when they reach out to me.

d) A token of appreciation such as a small e-gift card or cash app gift (ask for cash app handle) is much appreciated for my time, but not required within first 3-6 months, if this is your first 1-2 times using me as your reference.

If I agree to be your reference, I will give 1-2 free references within 3-6 months of our original date. Use wisely.

After 3-6 months, I will give you a reference for up to 2 years IF you follow the above directions. There will be a $50 fee each time you use me as a reference from 6 months thru 2 years.

I will make exceptions on a case by case basis for a) those who have booked me many times b) those who have booked me for a Dinner Date or Off the Clock Package.

This policy is to avoid the abuse of my time that has happened over the years. Thank you for understanding.

If you are using references as part of MY SCREENING:

I much prefer to screen without involving references. It is risky to accept a reference from a Companion that I do not know personally, and it also takes extra time to screen you and puts our date in the hands of a 3rd party.

However, I do accept Companion references on a case by case basis. You must follow the below directions for a seamless experience for all:

a) You must contact your reference first, get her permission to be used as a reference, and tell her that I will be contacting her (and give her my email, text #, and website/social media).

b) When sending me her info you must include a) her website/social media b) her preferred method of contact. I will not receive references from Ladies who are not well branded/do not have an internet presence, for my safety.

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